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Download file list antec kuhler 920 linux drivercontrol. A simplified self contained liquid cooling system from antec. If you cant download the grid software from our main website. Here is an alternative link for you to download the grid 2. The cooler that i use now doesnt have a driver for windows 10 so it stops working, so im planning to upgrade it. By default the heatsink fan goes to 3000 rpm and is incredibly loud. Nov 25, 2016 antec kuhler 920 linux drivercontrol 20161125 18. Since everything else is so quiet i had to do something, otherwise id go nuts with that grinding noise. Antec kuhler h20 920 liquid cooling system installation. If the kuhler pump has an active light, it means that youve correctly connected the usb header. Overview of antec s chill control software available exclusively for the kuhler h2o 920 dual fan liquid cpu cooler. This is a driver for the antec series of watercoolers, specifically the 1250, 950, and 650.

As expected a solid performer, without much complexities. Yup could be that the download went wrong, or i did something to the file when i was trying to unpack it. The dual 120 mm pulse width modulation pwm fans and 3rd generation copper coldplate ensure quiet, efficient cooling. Antec has been getting more serious about its cooling solutions lately and earlier this year antec introduced its kuhler 920 model. Official page kuhler 920 vs 620 as a current owner of the 2011 version of the antec kuhler 620 model, the following differences of this present set over the 620 were noted. O 920 to a competitive level without sacrificing features while giving better performance and much better overall package. Antec kuhler 920 aio cpu water cooler updated with. The kuhler h2o kseries, our newest generation of allinone closed loop liquid cpu coolers, is uniquely engineered to protect your cpus performance, increase the life of your cpu and ensure that you can count on its performance for years to come. Download antec kuhler 920 linux drivercontrol for free.

Antec kuhler h2o 920 installation instructions if you have purchased an antec kuhler h2o 920 liquid cooling system and feel the instructions included with the device are not helpful, then you are at the right place. Please check under device manager usb controller you should see antec cc. Kuhler h2o 620 and 920 faq 2 where is the bracket for lga 775 and lga1150. Ive had my antec h2o 920 closed loop water cooling for like half a year and yesterday i noticed it was rattlinggrinding like a fridge. Im not sure if this is the right section to post this but i am using the antec kuhler 920 i recently purchased this and im having a few issues that i cant seem to fix.

Antec kuhler h2o 920 full installation guide by totallydubbedhd. Antec kuhler h2o 920 liquid cooling system overview duration. Linux driver and control program for the antec h20 920 series. Unlike traditional liquid cooling systems, this selfcontained unit comes prefilled and requires zero maintenance. If you do have the disc could you possibly upload the driver for me. Antecs software and driver integration very much make the antec kuhler h. The antec kuhler h20 1220 is essentially a 240mm asetek aio unit featuring a 27mm wide radiator, a standard asetek pump unit and the flexible. I installed a nzxt kraken60 in my linux box and found this software via searching for the usb bus id. Water coolers kuhler h2o 620 and 920 faq 2 where is the bracket for lga 775 and lga1150. The kuhler h2o 920 has a thicker radiator, dual fans, and is adjusted via software antec calls chill control. Antec kuhler h2o 920 liquid cooling system installation instructions. Once logged into my system the fan speed shows up as 0000 rpm in the chill control software and i get a warning in the bottom right hand corner. Overclocking problem in antec kuhler 920 usb controller and windows 7 64bit thread starter edrik.

A good looking, durable and high performing cooler meant for someone looking for high end cooling without building a custom water cooling loop, albeit this will not compare to a custom loop either but it will. Antec kuhler h2o 920 software and installation youtube. Now if the kuhler h20 920 looks familiar to youre not crazy. Solution home water coolers kuhler 650, 950 and 1250 faq. The cooler that im using now is s antec kuhler h20 920 with chill control 6 but it runs perfectly with windows 7 but it.

Higher dissipation area thanks to the thicker radiator 1. The dual 120 mm pulse width modulation pwm fans create a quiet. Antec released their brand new kuhler h2o line roughly a year ago and finally today we have finished all tests of their h600 pro model h1200 pro will follow soon. Antec kuhler 690 chill control overclockers uk forums. Antec kuhler h20 920 liquid cooling system installation and. Antec kuhler 920 linux drivercontrol antec kuhler 920. Linux driver and control program for the antec h20 920. Antec kuhler h2o 920 liquid cooling system installation. Antec kuhler h2o 920 driver subscribe to our newsletter. This is some of the response i got from antec, it is quite detailed and im sure it would help, but it seems to me that the usb header is defective 1. Antec kuhler h2o 920 cpu liquid cooler all in one for. Antec kuhler 920 uploaded on 04292020, downloaded 9 times, receiving a 4. Visit s antec 920 owners club forum, they have a great guide for installation, i searched for along time. Linux driver and control program for the antec h20 920 series liquid coolers.

I installed it on an older machine from 2011 that uses a antec kuhler 920, this is an allinone water cooler. Antec kuhler 920 driver newbie corner arch linux forums. Antec kuhler h201250 this is a driver for the antec series of watercoolers, specifically the 1250. Look this is the solution, go to control panel then file manger and search for usb port and click it and you will see antec cc and press update manger and if it ask about update from internet or cd just mark cd and put the cd software from antec.

Now antec has thrown their hat into the cooling world and one of their first offerings was the kuhler h20 620. More and better fans 2 units vs 1 unit, 9 blades vs 7 blades, 4 pin pwm vs 3 pin. I reset my windows 10 pc and tried to download chill control from antecs website, its now called grid. Other compatible coolers which use the antec grid protocol will probably also work. Antec kuhler 920 driver from dvdcd hi there,does anyone who is using the antec kuhler have the disc that came with the unit. Most of us love the looks and performance of watercooling but the utter mess and difficulty drives many away. So i looked for solutions and i found 2 solutions though. Overclocking problem in antec kuhler 920 usb controller. Antec has been around for as long as i can remember. Kudos to antec for getting the price of the kuhler h.

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