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Canadian owners a french language copy of this manual can be obtained from your dealerretailer or from. The bowtech products l3c650l miniature high resolution underwater colour ccd camera with six integral high intensity leds, provides a low cost solution to general underwater viewing and observation, down to 4,000 or 6,000 metres in confined spaces. These modules are generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, with a maximum of two modules taught backtoback. Combing their phenomenal hardcore limbs, overdrive binary cam system and flxguard cable containment with the new cpx technology, they have created a bow that is scary accurate, deadly quiet, and blazing fast. Discussion in archers lodge started by azjim, jul 19, 2010. Once i got everything installed i tested the draw as listed on the birth certificate 71 lbs, draw length is set at 29 inches so i grabbed an ibo standard 350 grain arrow and headed for the chrono. Jul 16, 2015 bowtechs overdrive cam system is justly noted for being easy to tune. Bowtech dual cam blackknight is factory synchronized with the cables contacting the mod simultaneously, at full draw. Wrangler owners manual 2008 2008 wrangler 8260855 first edition printed in u. Apr 29, 2008 integrally silenced folding 9mm carbine. Generating bonecrushing speed at 350 28 cam system and 350 31 cam system fps. Just not finding much in the way of info on the web. This bow came without an owners manual but i was easily able to download one at the bowtech website. Teledyne bowtech terms and conditions of sale page 1 of 4 revision october 1, 2017 1.

It measures almost 34 inches from axle to axle, with a draw length of up to 30. Coming in at 12 the price of the other carbon bows on the market, we expect this bow to be a mainstay for bowtech. We all know bowtech performs as published when it comes to performance and speed. Bowtech archery has released several new bows for 2008. Bowtech archery the general provides optimum performance with perfect balance, silence, and accuracy. Bowtech recommends finding centershot by measuring from the riser to the arrow at the face and at the back of the riser. Also includes a 6 arrows and trophy ridge drop zone guide series arrow rest and trophy ridge sight.

All content is posted anonymously by employees working at bowtech. The manual was fairly simple and helped me change the draw length and letoff and draw weight to my own specs. Jan 07, 2011 the invasion cpx harnesses all of bowtechs best technologies, leading the way in their 2011 line up. Through the bowen therapy academy of australia, the rentsches have taught bowtech, as they call their interpretation of tom bowens technique, to more than 15,000 practitioners throughout the world.

At the center of the destroyer 350s tunability is the new. Because the diamond justicess vertical force technology disperses any power not converted directly into arrow speed away from the riser, equally in opposite directions virtually eliminating hand. A todo 20 bowtech assassin manual is immediately withdrawn for watching series of systems standard as giggle processes or processes to have. Has anyone else had problems with bowtech or is it just me. International buyers may request the slower air mail, if the total weight allows the item to be shipped air mail. Anyone out there have any opinions or insight on the bowtech vital impact sold at sportsmans warehouse. Most recently, tom was chief executive officer at gold tip, a leading manufacturer of archeryrelated arrows, bolts, components and apparel. In 1974, he invited oswald rentsch and his wife elaine to study with him and document his work. Completely redesigned to increase velocity, cut down noise and improve balance, the bowtech guardian was thought by many experts to be the. The 2008 bowtech bows and diamonds are ordered and i cant wait to get them.

Generating bonecrushing speed at 333 feet per second for 28 inch cam, 350 feet per second for 31 inch cam. Lol i found a copy of the 2006 bowtech chart that goes with my 2006 allegiance and it calls for a efa 1. Bowtech carbon overdrive not a bowtech, but my chillr does the same, drives me mad looking at it, good arrow flight but they just dont line up. Bowtech archery continues to improve its pro shop line of bows which includes this evaluation of the 2007 allegiance. This manual describes features that may or may not be on your speci. Tom bowen became a celebrated therapist, regularly treating over,000 patients each year. Sep 04, 2007 bowtech 1 piece 6 arrow quiver bowtech wild thing stabilizer maxima hunter 350 with 2.

The allegiance is the fastest bow in bowtech s 2007 arsenal with a smoking 335 fps ibo speed rating. The admiral is bowtechs flagship offering in this new lineup and boasts bowtechs proprietary center pivot limb technology and centertrac binary cam system. When the two distances are equal, that is centershot. Bowtech diamond justice left hand compound bow 126458. I wanted to get a new string and cable set for my tomkat so starting at archery hq where i bought the bow, they tell me they. Bowtech archery has combined cuttingedge technology and incredible speed to create the rpm 360. The original bowen therapy manuals 18 be well now centre. Before doing so, it is recommended to cycle shoot the bow 100 to 150 times. I tested a release on one of the vital impacts and wow.

The bow owner is responsi ble for the return freight to bowtech, and bowtech will in turn, pay for the return freight of the repaired product. I squared the arrow on the vertical and was getting excellent arrow flight without further adjustment. Bowtech has announced that its board of directors has named tom zelenovic as chief executive officer. Many people in and around geelong, victoria, australia, tell stories of how tom bowen saved the life or racing career of their dogs and horses. Any alterations to the original factory setup could inhibit performance. Shortly after purchasing i found out that it is acctually a diamond bow by bowtech and not an authentic bowtech. We have determined a potential defect relating to the limb integrity on certain 2008 general bows produced between october 2007 and july 17, 2008. Capable of producing arrow speeds up to 360 fps, the rpm 360 features the soughtafter industry changing technologies along with a trapezoidal ibeam riser for unmatched strength and the new bridge lock pocket technology for precision and accuracy. Bowtech diamond justice left hand compound bow 126458, bows.

In the event that a bow must be returned for fac tory service, a return authorization ra number must first be obtained through your dealer. Ive replaced limbs and cams, played with spine to no avail. However, because of the natural settling of the string and cables, they may need to be readjusted by your authorized bowtech dealer. Bowtech is among a handful of manufacturers whose bows are distinguishable at a glance, and the prodigy certainly illustrates the point. The invasion cpx harnesses all of bowtechs best technologies, leading the way in their 2011 line up. Once reset this bow shot groups that i didnt even know i was capable of.

Btx is the perfect combination of speed, balance, and strength in an ultracompact design. The binary cam are modular adjusted, so when changing the draw length module, it is also necessary to readjust the post setting. Bowtech btx 28 compound bow with 5 pin sight, drop away rest, and case. Many come standard with a roller cable guard and string suppressor. I purchased one in the early 2007, about a month prior to archery season. Bowtech bowshas made their mark on the archery industry over the past few years with bows that are not only tight but also quiet and almost shock free the bowtech guardian was a brand new bow released by bowtech in 2007. It measures just over 31 inches from axle to axle, with a draw length of up to 30 inches. It represents, instead, a commitment to an overall approach to bow design that is reflected in the shape and relative proportions of the riser, limbs and cams, as well as any technologies intended to reduce torque or noise. An anticipatory view of bowtech1 terapia bowtech bowen. Tom is a proven leader, operator and investor with strong knowledge of the archery industry. Bowtech esm smooth modules 2006 to 2008 bows choose one. It retains the distinct, stiff feel for which bowtech is known. One of the most notably is the flxguard cable guard.

Bowtechs cpx design puts a second contact point at the center of the limbs while simultaneously increasing the power stroke to result in a deflex design that achieves high speeds. Seller means teledyne bowtech, a division of teledyne limited. The bowtech procedures are taught in seven modules, each 16 classroom hours long. Its features include center pivot technology, centertrack binary cam system, machined shelf trough, adjustable letoff, vertical force technology, and. For 2010, bowtech continues to raise the bar with key technological advancements. The bowen technique bowtech was developed in the 1950s by the late tom bowen from geelong, australia. Check out this tech tip from bowtech pro shooter tim gillingham hammer archery.

At first glance some people were drawn to it like a moth towards a light, while others were sent running away screaming. This work continues around the globe through emrt and ccmrt animal bowtech developed in 1990 by australian alison goward who is fulfilling a lifelong passion to. Oct 23, 2015 bowtech has announced that its board of directors has named tom zelenovic as chief executive officer. Bowtech btx is the perfect combination of speed, balance and strength in an ultracompact design. Keep this manual in the vehicle for quick reference. Bowtech archery contact information including phone number, address, email address, website link and compound bow information and specs. The bowtech archery guardian is one of the quietest and least vibrating bows that bowtech archery has. This is an extremely fast, accurate, and quiet bow. But by shooting it you wouldnt think that because of its smooth performance, although the chronograph reassures the allegiances top billing. Its not as quiet as a bowtech but it still shoots excellent. Their flagship model, the destroyer 350, incorporates several new features that help to provide great speed in easily tunable package. Installation of nonauthorized bowtech components could void your warranty. Draw length modules are available in 12 increments on all binary cam models.

These modules are generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, with a maximum of two modules taught back. Bowtech btx 28 compound bow with 5 pin sight, drop. Home forums free classifieds used archery equipment bows for sale or trade bowtech bows for sale or trade 2009 bowtech constitution target bow complete discussion in bowtech bows for sale or trade started by pappy, jun 17, 20. It felt like it was only yesterday when the first vision of this bow appeared in the pbr magazine. We would suggest giving this bow a try if you are in the market for a new one. Jan 16, 2010 general36 stablizer, cooper john slide bar 3x lens sight, gold tip xcutter arrows, scott little goose release tomkat7 stablizer, team extreme slide ba.

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